Breaking EXO's Truck APART w/ Extreme Low BASS Songs! 5 LOUD Subwoofer DROPS & Funny DEMO Reactions

  • Handing out more extreme bass demos! Can't help but laugh at how everything is breaking apart :p THUMBS UP For More Videos & Thanks For Watching!
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    EXO Contraltos "FRANKENSTEIN" Ride
    1999 Ford Expedition w/ Tinted Windshield
    Pioneer 80prs Single / Full Din Head Unit
    5 300 Amp Alternators From Iraggi Alternator
    6 Soundstream XXX 18" Subwoofer Baskets & Motors
    6 PSI Car Audio Recones From
    4 Crescendo BC3500d Bass Amplifiers @ 0.5 ohm
    2 Crescendo Symphony S1100/2 Two Channel Amplifiers
    1 Crescendo Symphony S550/2 Two Channel Amp
    4 Crescendo PWX 10" Mid Bass Speakers @ 2 ohm
    4 Crescendo PWX 6" Mid Range Speakers @ 2 ohm
    6 Crescendo FT1 Super Tweeters @ 3 ohms
    8 Crescendo Logic HPL120 120AH AGM Power Cell Batteries
    1 Crescendo Logic HPL75 w/ Custom Copper Busbar
    Second Skin Alpha Damp & Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener
    Custom Techforce Services Decals & Window Banners
    Big Three 0 Gauge Royal Exelene Power Wire
    Sky High Car Audio 1/0 Ground Cable / Green
    More amazing bass on the way!
    Bassheads Unite 2015

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