10,000 Watt Stereo System w/ EXO's LOUDEST Bass Lines & Greatest Subwoofer FLEX Songs Ever

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    EXO's System Moving Some Air!
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    Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 Effects & Sounds
    Original Sound Effects Performed By Me
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    Inter Song: "Saw Waves" - By Cultivata Beats
    Outro: "Celestial Ruin" - By Cultivata Beats
    Beat Made On FL Studio 8
    HUGE Thanks To My Man Cultivata ! ~ Biggest Thanks!
    EXO's (Current) Top 3 Favorite Songs With A lot Of Bass
    The SPL Van : 10,000 Watt Sound System Install
    1992 Dodge Grand Caravan
    DaveTheBoxGuy Wall Designs
    Pioneer DEH-p6000ub Deck - USB Head Unit
    Dual Soundstream XXX Goliath 18's Walled Off @ 32 hz
    2 5.25 inch Picaso Speakers (mids & highs)
    2 5.25" Tarantula SQ 3 way Coaxile (mid & High range)
    4 SS TX1.2600d Amps / Monoblock / Mono Amplifiers
    About 2000 Watts RMS Each Amp (half ohm)
    DC Power Engineering 270XP High Output Alternator
    Big 3 in 0 Gauge For 270 amps
    100 sq ft Audio Techinix / Dynamat
    200ft 1/0 AWG Largest Power Wire From 2010
    WARNING - Watch your speakers! - EXO here, showing you how to vibrate your seat like an insane monster!
    Worlds 1st mosh up 18 inch subs playing Mary Had A Little Lamb ;) Pretty awesome, huh? BIG BASS TRICKS, Mirror Melting Window Flex & Roof Flexing Madness! Upgrade your subs and do the big three, beacause these 18" sub woofers arent playing around! BASSY ! Pretty incredible, really :) Vibrating your hair, and shaking your doors down the block. Expect shattering teeth... Line Up! This is BEAST... Ultimate BOOM hairtrick in SESSION! All Record In Hard Ultra HD Quality! Coolest looking in 720p! Subscribe to My Second Channel! More tutorial videos to some! New dash speakers, glass windshield, and crazy awesome cars! The greatest is yet to come! The Great 10,000 Watts Amplifier installation, sounding deep and better than ever! Demo Time! POW - Extreme Low Frequency MUSIC WARNING! Craziest Sub Woofer Excursion ALERT. Ridiculous XMAX - Breaking in your subwoofer might be a good idea ;) - Not the top loudest, but definitely the lowest and deepest hitting rap playing boombox around! Talk about woofer madness! Extremely hard to come by! - These are some of the hardest pounding basslines I've heard in a long time! Broken in, out not, the bass will FLOW out your stereo. Nothing tremendous... Let's just hope nothing breaks or shatters while you're slamming those super cool new songs! Get the most out of your subwoofers! Famous Dash FLEXXX Here We COME! Installing s stipper pole next? ;)

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