$10 Subwoofer Amplifier? TPA3116 Amp Dyno Test

  • A few years ago, I tested several inexpensive amps bought off eBay and found there were crazy claims made with unimpressive results. Recently, I've noticed a new batch of inexpensive amp boards, yet this time with more reasonable claims. I've purchased several amps I'll be testing in upcoming videos, but first up is the $10 TPA3116 mono subwoofer amplifier. Yes, I said $10...including shipping! This amp is rated to deliver 100 watts to a 2 ohm subwoofer. You know how we roll, let's see what this amp is all about!
    Buy the amp here:
    See more TPA3116 chip based amps:
    Get the Power Plug (use your own wire/battery) here:
    Toshiba 19V power supply:
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