Entry Level & EXTRA LARGE Subwoofers w/ Resilient Sounds Car Audio Subwoofer Review | 10" 12" & 15"

  • Time to EXPOSE another full series of subwoofers!!! Today we'll have fun checking out an entire line-up from Resilient Sounds. Let's get busy investigating all the hidden goodies :)
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    Subs Exposed in This Video:
    RS Series 15 inch (Entry Level Driver)
    (3" Dual Voice Coil, 500 Watts RMS, 18mm XMAX, Triple Spiders, Floating Tinsel Leads)
    Gold Series 10 inch (Getting Even Bigger)
    (2.5" DVC, 1000 Watt RMS, 22mm XMAX, Triple Spiders, Single Tinsel Leads)
    Platinum Series 12 inch (Now That's a Large Woofer!)
    (3" 8 Layer VC, 2000 Watts RMS, 30mm XMAX, Quad Spiders, Double Tinsel Leads)
    ONYX Series 15 inch (Holy Extreme BASS Batman!)
    (4" 4 Layer VC, 2500 Watts RMS, 30mm XMAX, Five Spiders, Triple Tinsel Leads)
    TEAM SERIES... Maybe Next?
    Scope That Massive FREE AIR Excursion Test!
    More Awesome Car Audio Videos Coming Up!
    (all sub coils wired in a parallel wiring configuration)
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